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Fines for Lack of Compliance

What is compliance monitoring?

What is the penalty for not complying with the standards for hazardous materials?

Is failure to comply with safety regulations common?

Demolition, renovation, and inspection often involve hazardous materials. For the safety of those involved, such as pedestrians or construction workers, there are standards set in place to reduce the danger of materials such as lead-based paint and asbestos. Compliance monitoring is a program enforced by the EPA to regulate these dangers. When there is a failure to comply with these standards, hefty fines and penalties can be imposed.

There have been many cases portraying lack of compliance to safety regulations. You can read some examples of failure to comply with asbestos and lead-based paint regulations below.

Asbestos Cases

An audit at California State University uncovered a large list of ongoing problems that created extreme safety hazards for half a million students and employees. The University was fined multiple times for the lack of compliance on two of its campuses – San Diego and Channel Islands.

During the renovation of a former air force base located in Atwater, California—Firm Build employees, subcontractors, subcontractors’ employees and student workers were exposed to airborne asbestos. Directors knowingly strayed from safety precautions to save money during demolition and renovation. Prison sentences were handed down as a result.

Sacramento County was fined $3,370 for leaving workers exposed to asbestos during a water leak in an administration building downtown. Their employees were inadequately trained, and the incident wasn’t reported by Sacramento county to state regulators. Instead, it was reported by a whistleblower.

Lead-Based Paint Case

Chip and Joanna Gaines, the owners of a TV show on HGTV called “Fixer Upper,” have been fined for failure to comply with safety guidelines for lead-based paint removal. Their show contained footage of employees not following proper safety guidelines while removing lead-based paint. Their company, Magnolia Homes, paid a civil fine of $40,000 and agreed to show a demonstration on how to properly remove lead-based paint. Since then, Chip and Joanna have made a serious effort to make a difference by funding a lead-paint abatement program in their hometown with $160,000.

Be Safe and Take Precautions

Companies must take precautions and abide by safety requirements to ensure that everybody who is potentially exposed to the dangers of contaminants like asbestos and mold is safe. Employees should be educated on the required processes and how to use safety equipment properly.


Guzi-West’s inspectors are thoroughly educated on safety regulations. We perform lead-based paint and asbestos inspections in accordance with federal safety regulations, compliance monitoring, NESHAP, and AHERA. Our services are provided throughout northern California in cities such as Chico, Redding, and Eureka.

We Handle Inspection/Testing for Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint, Mold, Methamphetamine, PCBs, Silica, Smoke Damage, Sewage/Bacteria, Waste Characterization and More in Your Area

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