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Seamus Begley | Environmental Scientist / GIS Specialist

Seamus Begley | Environmental Scientist / GIS Specialist

Since late 2020, Seamus has worked as a Geospatial Specialist and Environmental Scientist at Guzi-West Inspection and Consulting LLC. After graduating from Humboldt State University with a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science and Management w/ a Concentration in Geospatial Science, Seamus has provided the Guzi-West team with top-notch geospatial expertise to assist project development and expand deliverable offerings to clients. Seamus jumpstarted his career with Guzi-West surveying hazardous materials resulting from North Complex Fires in late 2020. Within the firm, some of his primary objectives are expanding and streamlining geospatial resources, assisting with environmental sampling, and utilizing Open-Source QGIS for cartography and spatial analysis. Harnessing a dynamic skillset, Seamus continues to apply his expertise in other areas of the firm involving OSHA compliance, project research, and report writing.  Seamus's knowledge and skill in the GIS field has proven extremely valuable to Guzi-West in being able to provide first class digital mapping for all projects.

In off time, he enjoys programming, growing food, backpacking, homebrewing, and researching applications of geospatial science for environmental problem solving.

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