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How Guzi-West Supports Restoration Companies

Was your home recently affected by a fire or flooding?

Are you struggling to get your life back together after an emergency?

Do you need mold testing?

If you’re working with a restoration company – we can help.

A home damaged by water or fire can completely upend your life. That damage isn’t just physical, but emotional as well. You want your home back to normal as quickly as possible. That means mold testing, asbestos testing, and getting a lead paint test to ensure your home is safe.

Professional Mold Testing Throughout California

We want to help in any way that we can, and that means making sure the remediation process goes smoothly for your family. If you’ve experienced a flood, fire, sewage backup, or other major damage, remediation companies are usually the first responders. Their job is to clean up the mess and preserve and protect your home from further damage. Our job is to make sure the appropriate testing is done and the work is done properly.

How Does the Remediation Process Work?

  1. Contact Your Homeowners Insurance Agent
    • After a catastrophe, review your insurance policy to understand your rights and responsibilities. Call your insurance agent to get the claims process started. Be sure to ask questions to clarify what is covered and what procedures your insurance company requires.
  2. Contact Restoration/Remediation Companies
    • The insurance company will typically provide you with information about local restoration companies you can hire to remove the contamination in your home.
  3. Damage Walkthrough and Inspection
    • Do a thorough walk through of your home with the restoration company representative. Be sure you have a clear understanding of the areas that need to be cleaned and the work that needs to be done. Take pictures of the damage for your records.
  4. Restoration/Remediation Estimate
    • After the initial evaluation, the restoration company will give you an estimate for their services. Make sure everything you discussed with the restoration rep is covered in their contract. In most cases, you are responsible for paying the restoration company, not your insurance company. Most insurance claims will cover some of the clean-up, but if your claim is denied, you’ll be on the hook for the charges. Be sure to go over everything with your insurance agent so you don’t have any surprises!

Guzi-West – Asbestos Testing, Lead Paint Inspection, Professional Mold Testing in Ca

Where Does Guzi-West Come in? We’ll work with the restoration company you hire. We know that getting your life and home back in order after an emergency is your top priority, and we want to help you regain your sense of normalcy.

We specialize in testing for mold, asbestos, lead-based paint, and methamphetamine, and sewage inspection and consulting services. Our team also frequently prepares abatement specifications, oversees the subsequent abatement work, and performs clearance testing to verify that the work has been properly completed. 

We nearly always get to the flood/fire/impact damaged structures the same day, and we overnight all samples to a laboratory located in the Eastern Time Zone results can be available early in the morning the following day. This allows your restoration company to get a jump on their work and for you to be that much further along in the process of getting your property restored. 

“Guzi West Inspection and Consulting Services performed quality and accurate work. They are extremely knowledgeable. They meet all established goals and deadlines and provided great communication through the whole job. I would recommend this company to all.” Cory Kelly

If you’ve been affected by a catastrophe and want a company you can trust to help with the remediation process, we’ve got your back. Contact us today to find out more about our services! We’ll happily answer any questions you have. We’re here to help! Call us at (888)-351-8189 or request a quote here.

We Handle Inspection/Testing for Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint, Mold, Methamphetamine, PCBs, Silica, Smoke Damage, Sewage/Bacteria, Waste Characterization and More in Your Area

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