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Guzi-West Offers Donations to Help Carr Fire Families

Source and photo credit: USA Today

The Carr fire in Redding, California is one of the most destructive fires in California’s history, spanning 126,913 acres and counting. In response to this unfortunate event, Guzi-West has offered to donate 20% of its August revenue to families who are victims of the fire. There have been six casualties and over 1,000 homes destroyed by the Carr Fire.

Families are still evacuating their homes throughout the county due to the continuous spread of the fire. Firefighters are doing their best to fight the fire to keep it from spreading further with the current conditions. Guzi-West feels that donations will help families with their losses and struggle during this tragic event. 20% of their August revenue will go to victims of the Carr Fire.

Thousands of Shasta County residents were displaced by the Carr Fire and many who lost homes have been calling our office requesting asbestos sampling and to generally help with what the next steps will be.  Guzi-West has been in contact with our local health departments and we expect them to follow the cleanup standards utilized for the recent Sonoma Fires.  Homes that require demolition will likely be required to have a full asbestos survey of the remaining contents of the home so that the debris can be properly disposed of.  Further, environmental soil sampling will likely be required to ensure the soil beneath the home is not contaminated with various metals that may now be present from the interior contents of the home essentially melting.  To facilitate this, background soil samples will likely have to be collected around the perimeter of the structure; 3-6 inches of soil may need to be excavated to ensure the new home is built on non-contaminated soil; and, confirmation soil samples collected following the excavation to ensure the soil remains largely free of metals.  The number of confirmation samples and what constitutes ‘clean’ will be determined by our local health departments.  In the event the confirmation samples have concentrations of metals above the ‘clean’ criteria then the background soil samples will be analyzed to see if certain metals are naturally occurring in the vicinity of the home.  Although this sounds burdensome and slow, this work will likely happen rapidly once the protocols for sampling are in place.

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